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 Wizardatmath tables (flash cards), practice and terms/formulas.  Both tables and practice are interactive problems.  For now the terms/formulas are reference (quiz on terms and formulas to come soon).

During the interactive problem sets, the student's work is timed in total and per problem.  Help will provide one digit of assistance if requested, but the total number of help requests is limited.  If a problem is not answered correctly, the student is given the same problem until correctly answered.  When the work is complete, a summary table of results is displayed showing each problem with the answer given by the student (and the correct answer, if needed), the number of times help was required and the time in seconds for completion.

John (who is now doing advanced algebra) does a random set from the tables (addition or subtraction or multiplication or division) every day before school.  It takes about 2 minutes 30 seconds for the set or 1 1/2 seconds per problem.  He turns on the NUM LOCK key and uses the keypad.

If you have suggestions, please send us feedback.  We are trying to improve in ways that help the kids.

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Counting castles Number recognition and Counting
Adding robots
Visual, beginning Addition
Add Addition tables Addition problems
Subtract Subtraction tables Subtraction problems
Multiply Multiplication tables Multiplication problems
Divide Division tables Division problems
Terms Math terms and formulas

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